A Day At Pedwell

Tweed Pedwell beat.

The consistent lack of rain inspired me to fish the lower section of Tweed on Saturday. I had this great theory that the Salmon would be stacking up waiting until a lift in water allowed easier passage up stream. That theory was blown out of the water by mid-afternoon as I realised that all the fish I had seen were running and I’d seen lots and lots of fish! I briefly had a hold of one Salmon fishing a full floater, long leader and a size 12 Silver stoat [low water and incredible clarity] and after that I tried just about everything including my favourite Guala Howler 2’’ Tube [which Peter the excellent Ghillie though was a budgie] fished on a 550gr Skagit and 10ft MOW T17 tip! This tactic has proved successful on the lower Tweed before as there are some really deep pools and strong currents. I also tried one of Fulling Mills excellent Sunray shadows fished on a floater with a 3ips RIO Versitip but to no avail, these fish were not interested in anything but running. Anyway it was great to be out on the river with my favourite Sage Method 12’6’’ and of course staff member Tully !