Airflo Bloc it Wader Leak Detector

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Airflo Bloc it Wader Leak Detector

Trying to find a leak in your breathable waders? Airflo Bloc-it leak detector will help you locate leaks in your waders, finding even the smallest of pin hole leaks with ease.

50ml bottle


Airflo Bloc It Leak Detector For Breathable Waders

Bloc It Leak Detector Spray can be applied to the inside of the wader to reveal any pin hole leaks you have been struggling to uncover. Once the leak has been detected it can then be patched with Stormsure patches or Aquasure


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Breaking Strain N/A
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Colour N/A
Colours N/A
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Guage N/A
interior N/A
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Sole N/A
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