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Aquasure is the original and best urethane rubber adhesive.
It provides a clear, strong and flexible finish suitable for permanant waterproof repairs to holes, tears or leaking seams in most types of fishing and water sports equipment.

Aquasure may be applied to high wear areas such as neoprene knee and elbow sections to help protect against abrasion. Aquasure cures overnight.

Price is per pack, packaging may differ from image above.

Key Features: 

- Neoprene Waders
- Breathable Waders
- Bivvies
- Umbrellas
- Wet Suits
- Dry Suits
- Gloves
- Latex neck and wrist seals
- Inflatable mattresses
- Kayaks
- Waterproof Clothing

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Breaking Strain N/A
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Colour N/A
Colours N/A
Frame N/A
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Grand Max N/A
Guage N/A
interior N/A
Length N/A
Length/ Casting Weight N/A
Line size N/A
Line Weight N/A
Material N/A
Model N/A
olour N/A
pattern N/A
Seaguar N/A
Sink Rate N/A
Size N/A
Sole N/A
Style N/A
Tweed N/A
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Wood N/A