C & F 1655 Waterproof Fly Box

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C & F 1655 Fly Box

Waterproof S-size fly case for standard flies. Designed for flies size 10,12 & 14. 5 pocket slit foam in lid and base. Light Grey case.
Small Waterproof Fly Cases

These stunning new cases offer the same pocket sizing as our Compact series of cases while also giving extra clearance for flies and the security of a truly Waterproof seal. Made from Durable ABS plastic with a full length heavy duty locking catch and silicone seal.

Approx dimensions 5” x 3.8” x 1.5”

C & F 1655 Waterproof Fly Box Features;

  • 5 Micro Slit Foam rows on each side
  • Designed for flies from size #8 to #16
  • Notches help locate Micro Slits
  • Slots for 233 flies

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