Mayfly Nymph (Golden Nugget)

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Mayfly Nymph (Golden Nugget) Size 10

A best selling Mayfly nymph pattern suitable for imitating the natural nymph crawling along the bottom prior to hatching, with the addition of a brass bead to help get down to feeding fish.

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ean N/A
Boot Size N/A
Breaking Strain N/A
Calibre N/A
Color N/A
Colour N/A
Colours N/A
Frame N/A
Gauge N/A
Grand Max N/A
Guage N/A
interior N/A
Length N/A
Length/ Casting Weight N/A
Line size N/A
Line Weight N/A
Material N/A
Model N/A
olour N/A
pattern N/A
Seaguar N/A
Sink Rate N/A
Size N/A
Sole N/A
Style N/A
Tweed N/A
Uk Size N/A
Voucher Amount N/A
wader size N/A
Weight N/A
Wood N/A