Simms Pliers

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Prime pinchers with ample in-hand ergonomics, Simms 19 cm -long Made in USA Plier puts the squeeze on the competition with an advanced design crafted from lightweight, durable aircraft-grade aluminium. Non-slip attributes stem from a hollow stainless steel hinge and a precision-placed exterior finger guard. Additional features include a bevelled notch for tightening knots, replaceable stainless steel jaws and tungsten carbide cutters, lanyard clip-in points, and a compression moulded nylon holster that comes standard.
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Features; Ultra-lightweight, extremely durable with aircraft grade aluminium Hollow stainless steel hinge allows for better grip Exterior finger guard to prevent slippage, bevelled notch for tightening knots & retractor clip-in points 19 cm length; compression moulded nylon holster included
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